School of Postgraduate Studies, Air Force Institute of Technology, Kaduna, Nigeria.

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Mission Statement

Inspiring Innovstion through Learning

Vision Statement

To empower our graduate with knwoledge and skills to improve aerospace, engineering and management based on global best practices and standards.

Core Values



Quality Teaching

Academic Excellence


It is with Immense pleasure and pride that I welcome you to the School of Postgraduate Studies of the Air Force Institute of Technology. The collective achievements of the Institute mark significant milestones in our journey of academic excellence and innovation.
As the Dean, I stand here today with a deep sense of anticipation and optimism for the boundless possibilities and life changing opportunities that our programmes present to empower our graduates as well as broaden their intellectual horizon.
Our postgraduate school has a mandate of fostering advanced learning, groundbreaking research and the development of visionary leaders in various fields.
The focus of the School is dedicated to shaping the minds of our future scholars and illuminating the path of our postgraduate students as they delve into their chosen disciplines, explore new realms of knowledge in tackling challenges in the aerospace engineering and management industry.
As insight and believe in education transforms lives, create a better world and undoubted experiences, inspires our students as they embark on this exciting phase of their academic journey.
I encourage you all to embrace the opportunities that awaits you, let your time here mark Intellectual exploration, personal growth and the forgery of lasting connections.
Once again, I welcome you to the School of Postgraduate Studies Air Force Institute of Technology. Thank you.

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Postgraduate Programmes

(1) MSc Aerospace Vehicle Design
(2) MSc thermal Power
Postgraduate Diploma (PGD)
(1) Aerospace Engineering
(2) Electrical and Electronics Engineering
(3) Logistics and Supply Chain Management
(4) Construction Technology


Admissions into Postgraduate Programmes for 2023/2024 Academic Session.
AFIT's Academic Provost inaugurated the Board of School of Postgraduate Studies and other standing committees on 18 April 2019, which are crucial for effective running of PG Programmes in accordance with extant statue and regulations.
The School of Postgraduate Studies initiated and completed review of curriculum of Postgraduate Diploma in Aerospace Engineering. The review successfully aligned the curriculum with NUC quality standard.
The School of Postgraduate Studies initiated review of curriculum of Masters in Aerospace Engineering. The review, which is currently ongoing, aims at improving quality of the programme in line with NUC and international standard.
The School of Postgraduate Studies conducted mid-semester and end of semester feedback evaluation of teaching effectiveness of PG Programmes in the First Semester of 2018/19 session, with a view to improve quality of lecture delivery